Partial Knee Replacement | Total Knee Replacement Alternative

iUni® & iDuo®

An alternative to total knee replacements

The iUni® & iDuo® offer an alternative to traditional total knee replacement (TKR) by combining proven principles for patellofemoral treatment with the advantages of the ConforMIS partial knee system


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Provides a customized fit specific to your knee

  • Femoral and tibial implants designed to follow the contour of each patient’s anatomy
  • Tibial tray designed for maximized cortical rim coverage and proper rotational alignment

Designed to mimic the natural shape of your knee

  • The shape of your knee plays an important role in how you bend and extend your knee
  • The iUni® & iDuo® are designed to mimic the natural shape of your knee, which gives your knee the potential to feel and move more naturally

Allows for a less traumatic procedure

  • iJig® instrumentation customized for each patient using CT scan data
  • Reduced amount of bone preparation to simplify the procedure
  • Fewer bone cuts to preserve more of your natural knee for future treatment, if necessary

Improved operating room efficiencies

  • The iUni® & iDuo® are delivered in a single, pre-sterilized kit in advance of surgery, which means limited implant inventory for the hospital
  • Pre-sterilized, disposable instruments mean easy set up and tear down