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Individually Customized Total® Knee Replacement

The iTotal® CR and PS are designed to achieve unique advantages as compared to off-the-shelf knee implants.


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When it comes to fit, close isn’t good enough:

  • If the implant extends over the bone by as few as 3mm, that can be a significant cause of pain after surgery. Unfortunately, that’s all too common. One study that involved 437 patients found that overhang ≥3mm affects 40% of men and 68% of women.i
  • iTotal® femoral and tibial implants are designed to provide a customized fit specific to your knee, helping reduce sizing compromises that can lead to long-term pain after surgery
  • The tibial tray is designed to proper rotation based on the pre-operative CT scan, limiting the potential for rotational errors.

Shape drives function

  • The shape of your knee plays an important role in how you bend and extend your knee
  • iTotal® implants are designed to mimic the natural shape of your knee, which gives your knee the potential to feel and move more naturally.
  • The design, location, and size of the cam and spine in the iTotal® PS is customized to respect each patient’s unique J-curves through the range of motion.