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Customized Knee

Our customized patient-specific knee implants are designed to accommodate all stages of osteoarthritis of the knee. Webuild upon established principles in orthopedics to address the compromises common with traditional “off-the-shelf”implant designs that have led to patient dissatisfaction.


Total knee replacement

Two of the leading causes of dissatisfaction after surgery are residual pain and functional limitations. We think both of these issues can be addressed by a better implant design.

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Unicompartmental knee replacement

If you only have arthritic damage to one compartment of the knee, either the medial or lateral, a total knee replacement (TKR) might not be your best option.

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Bicompartmental knee replacement

Today, many patients with osteoarthritis of the medial or lateral compartment plus patellofemoral receive a total knee replacement without consideration of other options.

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Polyethylene is the material that makes up the tibial and patellar components of a knee implant.

ConforMIS iPolyTM knee replacement systems are engineered for low contact stress throughout the range of motion and use The latest material technology for stronger and more durable polyethylene inserts

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iJig® Instrumentation

The iJig® cutting and placement guides significantly reduce the number of instruments required for the surgery, simplify the steps involved, and increase the reproducibility of surgical results.

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