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Who We Are

We are a medical technology company that uses our proprietary iFit Image-to-Implant® technology platform to develop, manufacture and sell joint replacement implants that are individually sized and shaped, which we refer to as customized, to fit each patient’s unique anatomy. We believe we are the only company offering a broad line of customized knee implants designed to restore the natural shape of a patient’s knee.

Our Vision

We start with a simple idea: make the implant fit the patient rather than force the patient fit the implant. By combining advanced 3D imaging technology with the latest manufacturing capabilities, we customize each and every implant to the patient’s unique size and shape.

Why It Works

In recent clinical studies, iTotal® CR, our cruciate-retaining total knee replacement implant, demonstrated superior clinical outcomes, including better function and greater patient satisfaction compared to a traditional, off-the-shelf implant.1

1Katthagen, et al; Comparison of Hospital Metrics and Patient Reported Outcomes for Patients with Customized, Individually Made Vs. Conventional TKA. Presented at the 2015 World Arthrpolasty Congress. Also put superscript 2 and add this reference: Huber, et al; Outcomes after Customized Individually Made Total Knee Arthroplasty. Presented at the 2016 International Congress for Joint Reconstruction (ICJR) Pan Pacific Congress.

We believe that optimizing implant fit and performance requires a patient-specific approach